“I have known Cody for two years and his help and advice have been invaluable in the writing and development of my novel. I feel that he combines two essential elements: the ability to identify precisely how my writing can be improved and the gift/talent/knack of presenting his views in a way that immediately motivates me to get working/writing afresh. He’s easy to get along with and always happy to explore different ideas.”

— Cristina Stuart


“I have greatly benefited from Cody’s feedback on my writing and his careful attention to the basics–story/plot structure, tension and conflict, motivation/nature of characters and pacing of action and dialogue. His comments are always well-reasoned and constructively crafted, with the goal always being an excellent finished product. He’s helped direct me back on the right path many times. Cody’s the best!”

— Nick Duretta


“Cody’s editing skills are first rate. I am continually impressed by his ability to immediately identify what works and what doesn’t. His focus is laser-sharp and he’s able to point out problems/issues I didn’t know I had. He takes it to the next level by providing constructive criticism in easy-to-understand terms and with specific examples.

“Cody makes sure to provide a balanced critique by pointing what I’m doing right. This positive reinforcement has made a significant impact on my confidence level as a writer.

“Overall, the suggestions he’s made have improved my novel and my writing immeasurably. I would highly recommend him.”

— Suki Yamashita