About the Editor

Cody_Sisco_2015-12-15_finalI want to help you tell your story.

As a co-organizer of Northeast Los Angeles Writers, I help a community of writers connect with each other, critique their works-in-progress, and develop their writing skills. Whether it’s grammar and sentence construction or story development, I can help your writing have impact and impress your audience.

My professional editing experience began in 1999. I started working as a proofreader for Ernst & Young, where learned to catch errors, even in repetitive and boring texts.

My formal education was spent in pursuit of two BAs–one for English (creative writing) and one for Urban Studies–from San Francisco State University, where I served as poetry editor for the literary magazine, Transfer.

A ten-year consulting career took me on a global travel odyssey. In my role as a sustainability advocate and advisor, I wrote, edited, and published numerous reports about human rights, the environment, and responsible business practices for businesses, government agencies, and policy organizations.

In 2012 I began transitioning to a writing career. I now devote my editing energies to helping new authors with story development and writing mechanics. I am familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style and AP Stylebook, many helpful books on writing, and the lessons learned from writing poetry, fiction, and non-fiction for many years.

I base my feedback and recommendations on a careful study of your goals and your written work. The ideal writer-editor relationship is a partnership with the shared aim of improving the written product and developing the craft of writing. Get in touch with me here if you’d like my help with a writing project.


  • Examples of non-fiction publications are available via LinkedIn.
  • My poetry has been published in Transfer and Fourteen Hills magazines.
  • For more information on my fiction, please visit www.codysisco.com.