Editing Services

Every writing project has specific editing needs, depending on where you are in the process. The Resonant Editor’s services are customized to help you take the next step in your writing journey. In general, services can be grouped in the following four categories:

Developmental Editing

Do you need help shaping your ideas into a compelling story? Developmental editing will help you prepare to write your project and coach you through a development process. Your story will take shape through developmental editing.

Substantive Editing/Content Editing

Do you need help with the structure, pacing, and unfolding of your story? Substantive editing provides you with course corrections and suggestions for maximizing the emotional impact of your story. Character, plot, setting, theme, genre, and more are addressed in a substantive edit.

Copy Editing/Line Editing

Does your text need tweaks related to grammar and style? Copy editing will smooth your sentences and assist with diction to provide readers with a seamless, compelling fictive dream.


Are you ready for a final draft? Proofreading will find and fix typos and errors in your manuscript, leaving you with a clean copy ready for professional review by agents and editors, or for publication.